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The Story of Us...

Our story begins in late August 2002 when on the first day of the new school year, Andrew- the new kid- caught his first glimpse of Marielle as she was standing at her locker reaching for a book in that rambunctious hall bustling with teenagers and first day jitters. He recalls in detail the exact place she was standing when it happened. Andrew will often say when reminiscing that Marielle was the smartest and most beautiful girl in school and he spent the next nine months convincing her to give him a shot. Those two 15 year olds had no idea what was in store for them; no clue that as they learned and loved, they would grow to become each other’s favorite person in the world. Cliché but true.

High School Sweethearts
Prom 2006

They survived the high school years together, and by God’s grace, managed to maintain their love through several years of a long-distance relationship. Andrew left town practically as his final school bell pierced the halls- and missed his high school graduation- to endure the grueling training of becoming a US Marine in the scorching summer months at Parris Island. Over the next four years, he juggled life as a Marine Reservist, a fiancé, and a full time college student.

Proud New Marine
Parris Island 2006

Meanwhile, Marielle had been taking classes at her local community college while also finishing high school. She graduated from that little school where she and Andrew met with honors and the title of Salutatorian. During her undergraduate pursuits, she served as the student representative to the Board and worked closely with the college President and Vice President. In 2007, Marielle graduated with an Associates Degree in liberal arts and began her graduate work at Shenandoah University the following semester.

Railroad engagement picture
Engagement Picture- 2007

She graduated from Shenandoah University with honors boasting a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy at the age of 22. Before graduation, she secured a job at a local hospital where she served the community as a full time occupational therapist, treating a full spectrum of patients young and old with diagnoses ranging from autism to elbow injuries.

Hampden Sydney Graduate
Andrew's Graduation from Hampden-Sydney College

On a sweltering day in late May 2010, just two weeks after Andrew’s college graduation, the two whose love story had started 8 years prior, promised to love one another until death parts them.

Outdoor wedding
You may now kiss your bride- 2010

In the 10 years since those vows were whispered at the altar, there has been growth and abundant change. After several years of serving her local community as a therapist, Marielle pulled back from the clinic to spend time raising their expanding family. In late 2010, Andrew made the decision to go into business for himself by pursuing a career in real estate. Andrew had an impressive start despite the tumultuous economic environment. After two years in real estate, Andrew received an enticing offer from a local mortgage company to grow and develop their business that he couldn’t pass up. Andrew's efforts more than doubled that once tiny company and then he went on to continue to originate mortgage loans for several years until he finally admitted that his heart was still on the real estate side of the transaction. One day, he proposed the idea of working together as a team with his bride, and after several weeks of thought and prayer, she said yes!

River family picture

So here we are, with thousands of real estate transactions under our belt, directly closed by Andrew with Marielle having learned through immersion and exposure over the last 10 years, diving in to the world of real estate together.

We make a stellar team both inside and outside of our home-- did we mention we are raising 5 beautiful babies together?!. We truly enjoy working alongside each other and appreciate the different strengths we both bring to the table.

And we thank YOU for being part of our story by supporting us!

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